Scaffold Connections

Scaffold Connections was created by scaffolders for the scaffolders of Great Britain. After being in the scaffold industry over 20 years and continuously overspending on advertising each month we put our heads together to create scaffold connections which really does solve this problem along with making the customers experience of sourcing a reputable scaffolder pain-free.

For Scaffolders

Are you a scaffold business owner spending thousands on google advertising? Is finding and sourcing new jobs a constant worry?

If the answer is yes we have the perfect solution for you to end all this. Scaffold Connections is the only place you’ll ever need too be to find jobs in your local area All you need to do is simply register for free sit back relax and let the job come to you.

We have created a company that

  • makes it quick and easy for the customer to have multiple job quotes at the click of a button
  • provide scaffolders a list of all job leads in the local area
  • will continuously save you money which we all know is good for business

Here's how it works

A customer will upload their job for free to our site, it will then be sent via email and text to all scaffolders in that local area. No matter how big the job, the lead will only cost £25 with a maximum of 3 companies to pursue each lead.

It's really that simple, we pride ourselves on having no membership costs or subscription fees. So go ahead and register for free and start saving your company money.

For Scaffolders

Looking for Professional Scaffolders?

Once you have uploaded your job onto Scaffold Connections for free, all you need to do is sit back and relax. Very soon you will get up to 5 quotations from our reputable scaffold companies that have registered with us.

Yes, it's as easy as that!

Easy to Use, reputable and Local